Moda Cake Mix Quilt Class- January 12 @ 9:00am-3:00pm

Moda Cake Mix Quilt Class- January 12 @ 9:00am-3:00pm

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Class will be held at Bell Fine Arts in Belton, TX.

Address is 306 E. 5th St. Belton, TX

You are welcome to bring lunch. We do have access to a microwave, Keurig, and refrigerator, as long as we clean up.

Class fee is for the instructions only.

You are responsible for supplies listed below.

For this class you will need: Basic Sewing supplies

An assortment of fabrics. These use 10” squares. Depending on which Cake Mix you choose, you may need one pack with various prints, and one of background fabrics. Each pack typically has 42 squares in each. You are welcome to bring scraps to learn the technique, if you would like. Each Cake Mix includes multiple papers, so you can choose how large you want to make it. 

Iron and ironing mat (I will have a couple set up, but it's really easier if each person has their own.

Small cutting mat, rulers, and rotary cutter

Cake Mix Recipe pack from Moda. You may choose any one you wish. I do have a few options in the store.